Friday, January 22, 2010

Cameroonian Porridged Cocoyams with Mixed Veggies and Tofu

Courtesy of Supreme Master Television

(For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available)
  • Cocoyams

  • 4 tomatoes

  • Fried tofu, sliced

  • ½ onion

  • Carrots

  • Green beans

  • Chick peas

  • Ginger

  • Scotch pepper

  • Vegetarian seasoning

  • Salt

  • Red palm oil

  • Water

Directions (to make the porridged cocoyams):

1. Peeling cocoyams with a knife and wash them

2. Put them in the pot

3. Add about that quantity of water

4. Add almost a teaspoon of salt

5. Turn on the fire and cover

6. Chop tomatoes

7. Add chopped tomatoes to cocoyams so that they boil together

8. Stir a little just to disperse the tomatoes in the pot

9. Grind ginger and scotch pepper (cut them into small pieces to facilitate grinding on a traditional stone, a traditional grinder)

10. Add this to the cocoyams as well and stir

11. Cook for about 15–20 minutes

12. Add a little bit more water

13. Just stir to make sure that everything is properly mixed

14. Check what cocoyams are properly cooked

15. Add in onion

16. Add in vegetarian seasoning cube

17. Add palm oil

18. Stir it

19. Check the seasoning of our porridged cocoyams. And if the seasoning is all right, then extinguish the fire

Directions (to make mixed vegetables):

1. Put all the vegetables into the pot

2. Steam them for about 5 minutes (so that they should still retain a certain degree of rawness)

3. Add a little bit of water (not to much)

4. Add a pinch salt

5. After the water is completely dry in the pot add slices of tofu to them

6. Mix together

7. After mixed vegetables and semi-fried tofu are ready then extinguish fire and cover them

8. Ready to be served with the porridged cocoyams

Directions (serving):

1. Put the porridged cocoyams in the plate

2. Add mixed vegetables and tofu to the porridge